Rayman Legends Definitive Edition [SWITCH XCI]

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition The idea was that the player could tap and swipe on the screen to help Murfy attack enemies, cut ropes, move platforms and generally manipulate the game world to help Rayman progress. Naturally, most other consoles didn’t have a touch screen, meaning the Xbox and PlayStation versions instead had Murfy simply floating next to specific obstacles until you pressed a button to trigger them. The Vita version was the only other one to include the touchscreen functionality.
Of course, this being the ‘Definitive Edition’ – and being on a system that does indeed have a touchscreen – the Switch port has Murfy back in all his tappy and swipey glory, assuming you’re playing in handheld mode, of course. That’s not to say it’s identical to the Wii U version again, mind you: the main game still plays like the non-touchscreen versions, in which Murfy is controlled with a single button. There’s just a new painting added to the hub area called Murfy’s Touch, which contains the touch-enabled versions of 14 levels from the main adventure.Despite its ‘Definitive Edition’ moniker, the vast majority of what you get in the Switch version of Rayman Legends has been seen in every other edition. The only truly new features here are a complete character roster for the first time and a tournament mode for its football mini-game. That’s not to say it’s a bad game; that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s still one of the best plumber-free platformers ever made, and its budget price means if you haven’t played it before this is the perfect time to jump in. Just be warned: if you already got your fill on Wii U or any other system, there isn’t really much here you won’t have already seen.


Release Date : 10th Oct 2017
Publisher :  Ubisoft
Developer :  Ubisoft
Genre: Platformer
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 3.3 GB


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