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Ray Gigant

Ray Gigant

Ray Gigant

Zero-Day. That was the day the Gigants appeared, laying waste to major cities around the world. Our weapons were useless against them. All seemed lost until a high schooler with a magical pendant stepped forward and saved the day. That’s the set-up for Ray Gigant, the latest dungeon crawler from Experience Inc. The story begins several months later when Ichiya Amakaze, the aforementioned high schooler, arrives at a Japanese school that is secretly a front for the Gigant defense force. These monsters keep showing up here and only here, and over the course of 18 or so chapters (with three protagonists), you’ll eventually discover why.

Ray Gigant

The overall plot gave me flashbacks to Lost. There is a lot going on here, with secrets and  hidden motivations to uncover, and devious shadow organizations secretly pulling the strings. Discovering all of this kept me engaged with a narrative split between the three main characters: Ichiya, Kyle Griffin and Nil Phineas, all of whom are known “naturals” because they and only they can use the Yorigami magic accessories that are actually creatures related to the Ray Gigant and mankind’s only hope for defeating them. The protagonists each get a couple chapters focusing on them and a supporting cast of characters that tend to be way more interesting than the ones you’ll be playing as. Ichiya is supposed to be a lovable smooth-talking jerk, but just comes across as an affable asshole. Kyle is openly a dick to just about everyone, while Nil spends most of her dialogue easily passing the Bechdel Test with every girl she talks to because she won’t shut up about food. The characters do grow throughout the story, but not to the point where I would call them great or even good. Instead, they’re merely serviceable to the narrative. Though at times long winded, I was ultimately satisfied with the story by the time the credits rolled. Some revelations seemed to come out of nowhere and the ending felt extremely rushed, but it’s clear there was a lot of world-building that went into making this game.


Release Date : May 3, 2016
Publisher : Acttil
Developer : Experience Inc
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.3 GB







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