Puzzle & Dragons Z Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition

Puzzle & Dragons Z Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition

Puzzle & Dragons Z Puzzle & Dragons Super Mario Bros Edition

One day in the Mushroom Kingdom, bright Orbs popped up at Princess Peach’s castle, right out of nowhere. Princess Peach invited Mario to the castle to show him these wondrous Orbs. But just as he came near. When Mario arrives, a red Toad appears to inform Mario that Princess Peach has been kidnapped by Bowser once again. There was even a message left by Bowser: Bowser’s message, from the introduction of the game. As it turns out, Bowser and his Koopa Troop heard about the Orbs and launched an attack on the Mushroom Kingdom. Bowser’s magician, Kamek, is stealing the power of the Orbs for unknown reasons, casting a spell that’s causing the Mushroom Kingdom to overflow with all kinds of Orbs. To save Princess Peach, Mario would have to use the power of the Orbs to rescue her. The Red Toad joins him to help out along the way. During Mario’s adventure, he will encounter many enemies and challenges, face the Koopalings, and recruit enemies trapped in Baddie Blocks that would become allies in his quest to save the princess. Bowser had also kidnapped Yoshi and his friends, but Mario is able to rescue them along the way. Later, he also finds Bowser Jr. and Kamek in several towers but defeats Bowser Jr in each of them as Kamek worries. After Mario reaches Bowser’s Castle and defeats Bowser, Bowser summons the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. in an effort to defeat Mario. Impressed that Mario was able to defeat him and the Koopalings with the power of the Orbs, he vows to face him again once he gets “his full powers”, then leaves. Princess Peach is saved and peace once again is restored to the Mushroom Kingdom.


Release Date : April 29, 2015
Publisher : Nintendo, GungHo Online Entertainment Inc
Developer :
GungHo Online Entertainment Inc
Region :
File Type :
RAR File Size : 938MB








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