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Project Root

Project Root

Project Root

There are so many things worth spending your money on: a gift for that creepy man in the bus stop, one of those rubbery, gooey aliens that were popular in the ’90s, or  if all else fails a can of delicious Spam. With so many quality products on the market, Project Root may just seem a little bit underwhelming. Indeed, it doesn’t have the usefulness of spam, or the biological positives of the alien. And you’re not even going to get your face licked, like you would presenting a pressie to that man in the bus stop. So why bother? That’s one of the unfortunate things about this OPQAM developed outing: it isn’t a bad game, generally but it’s very difficult to enjoy for a number of reasons.

Project Root

The plot is impossible to follow, and that’s not because it’s convoluted, but because all of the action takes place in a tiny text box in the bottom right of the screen, while you’re being attacked by dozens of enemies. There’s a power company doing vaguely dodgy things completely fictional, of course and you’re trying to get back at them by blowing stuff up that they own. Project Root There are probably a few more specifics, but who knows? Look away from the screen long enough to catch up on the plot, and you’re going to lose a life. The actual gameplay is decent enough when things are going your way. If you have a swarm of enemies coming at you from the front, it’s a blast to blow them away. It’s even quite hard once it gets going but that’s largely because the camera angle puts you very close to the bottom of the screen. As a result, you can see a mile ahead, but nothing behind you not a great idea for a game built around the idea of dodging projectiles.


Release Date : April 28, 2015
Publisher : OPQAM
Developer : OPQAM
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 122MB


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