Poptropica Forgotten Islands [ 3DS CIA ]

Poptropica Forgotten Islands

Poptropica Forgotten Islands

Poptropica Forgotten Islands

Let’s face it. Lots of games for young kids, especially those based on other properties, be they television shows, toys or movies, just aren’t very good games. Poptropica Forgotten Islands falls into this trap. The game isn’t terrible, but it’s not very good either. A platformer for the 3DS that’s based on the hugely popular Poptropica virtual world and gaming site aimed primarily at elementary school-age kids, the game does a fantastic job recreating the art style and basic gameplay of the online site, but it lacks the depth of gameplay of the web version.

Poptropica Forgotten Islands

Players take the role of an adventurer who’s on a search through the Forgotten Islands for artifacts that give clues to the area’s past. Kids create a custom avatar to represent them in the game and then fly that character around in a golden blimp, dropping anchor on individual islands to explore further. Once the player reaches an island, the game turns into a very simple platformer where you collect coins that can be used to purchase new outfits for your character, talk to the island’s inhabitants and help them out, and ultimately try to find the six artifacts that tell you the history of the islands. One thing Poptropica Forgotten Islands has going for it is that it’s very easy to play. There’s no way to die in the game, even if you fall great distances, and the platforming itself isn’t very difficult to accomplish in the first place. The tasks given by the inhabitants of the islands are simple fetch quests where the player has to find a certain number of items and then return to the inhabitant that needs them. The player’s character will tell you when you’ve collected everything you need and will tell you where you need to return to complete the quest as well. Occasionally, you’ll also need to tap or swipe on the touchscreen to combine or build items you need for a quest. Another great feature of the game is the huge variety of customization options for the player’s avatar. These start out fairly limited, but you can purchase more with coins you collect throughout the levels, and since the coins are so easy to obtain, you can unlock lots more options—everything from superhero capes to animal costumes very quickly.


Release Date : October 14, 2014
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 56MB


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