Pokken Tournament DX [SWITCH XCI]

Pokken Tournament DX

Pokken Tournament DX on Switch offers other enhancements. There’s a new three-on-three battle mode which calls to mind SNK’s classic King of Fighters series, with the ultimate victor being the one who can fell all of their opponent’s monsters first. Litten and Poppilo join the cast of Support Pokémon, and you now have more control over who you face online with special Group Matches.
Whether or not all of these new elements add up to a convincing reason for you to double-dip if you’ve already played the Wii U version to destruction is a question that’s perhaps best left to the individual player, but we imagine there will be plenty of Switch owners who never experienced the game when it originally launched last year, making this “definitive” package particularly attractive. We expect seasoned fans of the game will buy it regardless, if only to face off against a new legion of online opponents and get to grips with five new playable characters.Nintendo is understandably keen to bulk out the Switch’s year-one library of titles, so it’s hardly surprising that we’re getting re-releases like Pokkén Tournament DX – especially when you consider that the Wii U version didn’t get the additional fighters that were introduced in the arcade. Pokkén is also a solid choice for Switch because it perfectly suits the console’s local multiplayer ethos; the game’s control scheme fits perfectly on a single Joy-Con, which means you can take the fight with you anywhere you wish. Whether or not the five additional Battle Pokémon and the light dusting of additional modes and features will be enough to convince existing Pokkén fans to upgrade so soon after the Wii U version remains to be seen, but taken on its own merits this is comfortably one of the the best fighting games on the Switch right now, and offers surprising depth, stunning presentation, brilliant offline and online multiplayer modes and bags of replayability.


Release Date : 29th Aug 2017
Publisher :  Nintendo
Developer :  Bandai Namco
Genre: Fighting
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 3.6 GB


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