Pokemon Sword and Shield [NSP]+Update [v1.1.0]+Expansion Pass [DLC]



love to play video games specially old retro games.

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8 Responses

  1. AvatarAnon Dragon says:

    Hello, is it safe to install? I tried installing with Lithium and gives the following message: “NCA signature verification failed. The file is modified and could be malicious…”

    (I know how to bypass this, btw, only asking for some verification of that it works properly)

    • AvatarAnon Dragon says:

      Oh, nevermind, I just installed with Goldleaf and have no issues at all. It works well!
      Tested on FW 8.1.0 + Atmosphere 0.9.3

  2. AvatarCalvin says:

    Downloaded sword and installed on SX OS V2.8, game is installing but does not start. Message : “could not start the software”. The game file is a Grey box with a buffering circle that does not change.

  3. AvatarStormy says:

    Stuck on kid on phone part. how do i pass it? installed on: Yuzu

  4. Avatarpain says:

    Thank you so much man you are the best

  5. Avatarjason says:

    any updates for version 1.1.1?

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