Pokemon Sun [CIA]

Pokemon Sun 3DS CIA

Pokemon Sun 3DS CIA

Pokemon Sun 3DS CIA

Embark on a new adventure as a Pokémon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokémon on the tropical islands of the Alola Region. Discover the Z-Moves and unleash these intense attacks in battle. Call upon Pokémon with Poké Ride to discover new areas across the region and take on the Island Challenge Trials to become the Pokémon Champion! Choose one of three new partner Pokémon that will accompany you as you set out on an all-new adventure and discover new Pokémon and regional variant Pokémon in the Alola region. Catch and train Pokémon as you encounter captains, and kahunas of the 4 main Islands of the region. Discover the mystery of the Legendary Pokémon while stopping Team Skull from causing chaos throughout the land. Pokemon Sun 3DS CIA

Pokemon Sun 3DS CIA

Pokemon Sun 3DS CIA and Moon are role-playing video games with adventure elements, presented in a third-person, overhead perspective. The player controls a young trainer who goes on a quest to catch and train creatures known as Pokémon, and win battles against other trainers. By defeating enemy Pokémon in turn-based battles, the player’s Pokémon gains experience, allowing them to level up and increase their battle statistics, learn new battle techniques, and in some cases, evolve into more powerful Pokémon. Alternatively, players can capture wild Pokémon, found during random encounters, by weakening them in battle and catching them with Poké Balls, allowing them to be added to their party. Players are also able to battle and trade Pokémon with other human players using the Nintendo 3DS’s connectivity features. Like in previous games in the series, certain Pokémon are only obtainable in either Sun or Moon, with players encouraged to trade with others in order to obtain all Pokémon from both versions Pokémon Sun and Moon are the first titles in the main series presented in fully three dimensional (3D) polygonal graphics, allowing for more interactivity with the overworld and more dynamic action during battles. Players are also able to customize their Pokémon trainer’s appearance, choosing gender, skin tone and hair color at the start of the game, and can later acquire outfits and accessories to change their character’s look. Joining the previous generations of Pokémon are all new species, such as the new Starter Pokémon; Rowlet, Litten, and Popplio, and the Pokémon that are, within the fictional Pokémon world, described as legendary, namely Solgaleo and Lunala


Release Date : November 14, 2016
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love to play video games especially old retro games.

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  1. fergus says:

    it’s safe? about ban?

  2. Sergio D A Winterdal says:

    Is it safe?

  3. Sebas says:

    How can I put together both files?

  4. Justine says:

    File is broken on Openload Part 2

  5. star says:

    Part 1 links down

  6. wewannaown says:

    is it working on EUR Old 2DS?
    i downloaded also from 3dscia.com but it won’t install with strange error codes from FBI

    Failed to install CIA file.
    Result code:0xD8E0806A
    Level: Permanent (27)
    Summary: Invalid argument (7)
    Module: AM (32)
    Desc: Cert signature or hash check failed (106)

    does this also come on your file?

  7. saumyak says:

    i want yo download pokemon sun on citra

  8. saumyak bansal says:

    i want to download pokemon sun on citra

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