Pokemon Link Battle 3DS CIA

Pokemon Link Battle 3DS CIA

Pokemon Link Battle 3DS CIA

Pokemon Link Battle 3DS CIA

Though the world of Pokemon is no stranger to puzzle games, Pokemon Battle Trozei is unique in trying to incorporate the established rules of the Pokemon universe in its puzzle-based gameplay. What at first appears to be a simple match-three game is made more substantial thanks to the strategy afforded by the different elemental strengths and weaknesses of the Pokemon you are matching and fighting against. That said, using Pokemon as more than window dressing means those who haven’t been keeping up with Pokemon through each generation will be at a decided disadvantage. Pokemon Link Battle 3DS CIA

Pokemon Link Battle 3DS CIA

Pokemon Battle Trozei smartly weaves the classic rules of the stalwart handheld RPG series into its design by asking you to fill your Pokedex by battling wild Pokemon in puzzle combat. Matching three or more of the same Pokemon sends attacks flying toward the hostile monsters, who in turn will attack and steadily deplete your HP. Catching all the Pokemon (which can range from as few as four to as many as 10) in a single stage before being wiped out is an enjoyably daunting task, especially as zones featuring more powerful foes are unlocked. Disappointingly, the Pokedex itself is pretty limited, and doesn’t include standard information like the monsters’ bios, weights, or heights. To capture the more powerful Pokemon, mastering Battle Trozei’s intuitive combo system and developing a healthy knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of a vast number of Pokemon is a must. While bigger matches and extended combos are historically great ways to rake in more points, Battle Trozei effectively incorporates them into battle. Matching five Pokemon will yield an attack that hits every enemy on screen, while stringing together a few combos will add damage multipliers to attacks. I found watching wild Pokemon fall in one hit after a long combo to be much more satisfying than simply seeing a score climb. Pokemon Link Battle 3DS CIA


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