Pokemon Art Academy

Pokemon Art Academy

Pokemon Art Academy

Pokémon Art Academy is an educational art game designed to teach players how to draw various Pokémon characters through 40 advancing lessons. Players progress through three skill levels – Novice, Apprentice, and Graduate – while learning new techniques and art concepts, with additional tools such as pastel and paintbrush being unlocked along the way. The Novice course begins with skills such as drawing head-on portraits, angles, and construction shapes, while later stages introduce shading, hatching, opacity, and freehand sketches. Each drawing can be transferred to a Pokémon Trading Card Game card border upon completion, with the option to add a background image. The game also includes a Free Paint Mode that allows players to draw whatever they wish, with the option to load templates as reference, as well as Quick Sketch Mode, which requires making a simple drawing with limited tools. Additional templates can be obtained by progressing through lessons, or as downloadable content through special promotions over Nintendo Network. Pokémon Art Academy features Miiverse functionality that allows for drawings to be uploaded to Nintendo’s Miiverse Community, as well as take part in art contests. Unlike the main Art Academy series, this title feature non-traditional tools such as layers and an undo function. These digital art tools are usually avoided in past titles to encourage an authentic experience with traditional art, albeit on a digital medium. Since Pokémon Art Academy is rather focused to educate in drawing Pokémon characters, a series geared for very young children (albeit not specifically), this title has some lenient liberties with these digital tools.


Release Date : June 19, 2014
Publisher : The Pokémon Company
Developer :
Sonic Team, Dimps
Region :
File Type :
RAR File Size : 353MB







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