Plants vs Zombies (UPDATE) [NoNpDrm] [PSVITA VPK]

Plants vs Zombies PSVITA VPK

Plants vs Zombies PSVITA VPK

Plants vs Zombies PSVITA VPK

Help! The zombies have invaded! And don’t look now, Plants vs Zombies PSVITA VPK but they’re coming for you next! You’ll need to think fast and plant faster to fend off this mob of helmet-clad, pole-vaulting zombies.

Plants vs Zombies PSVITA VPK

The premise here is the same as every other version of the game: tower defense. Zombies are steadily marching towards your home, and you establish a line of defense with your gardening skills to repel them. Plant sunflowers that generate sunshine, which is the currency you use to buy peashooters that’ll blast the zombies to death. As you progress through the beautiful game, you unlock new weapons (like the jalapeno that incinerates everything in its path), new zombies (like bucket-as-a-helmet zombie), and new parts of your yard. That’s one of the best things about Plants vs. Zombies 50-level Adventure Mode; even though it’s the same gameplay idea each time, there’s a new wrinkle to the challenge with each stage. What seems so simple in the beginning gets to be a test of your cognitive abilities as zombies riding lawnmowers and your backyard pool get introduced. The minutes melt into each other when playing Plants vs. Zombies on the PlayStation Vita because it’s so darn charming. The point/counterpoint of certain plants and zombies is chess-like, and deploying a strategy that decimates the undead sure is satisfying. There are so many plant types (nearly 50) and so many possible attack layouts that it’s really up to you as to how you best a level. Sadly, the game still doesn’t remember your custom plant loadout from the last level, so be prepared to re-choose your arsenal before setting out on each mission. Plants vs Zombies PSVITA VPK


Release Date : February 21, 2012
Publisher : PopCap Games
Developer : PopCap Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 78MB





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