PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD – NoNpDrm [ VPK ]

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD

The player controls a defender-of-the-forest character in a lush environment. The player’s goal is to strategically defend the pathway to his homebase from an onslaught of various threatening monsters. In between waves of monster attacks, the player scrambles to reinforce his defenses by collecting gold coins and jewels from fallen enemies to finance new towers and research deadlier weapons. PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD features more than 30 hours of gameplay, remastered graphics, added touchscreen input, and includes the Encore expansion, as well as the extra towers, enemies, and levels from the Deluxe edition.

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD

If you thought that you’d saved the Tiki tribe from the perilous monster hoards attacking your settlements, then think again. Waves of vicious beasts still roam the wilderness, and Tikiman still only has one defence. It’s time to construct towers augmented with powerful weapons and once again protect your kin from being gobbled up in PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD. Q-Games’ tower defence classic is now available on the PlayStation Vita, with all of the content from its PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable predecessors in tow, and a dash of high-definition polish to bring the action to life on your OLED screen. Touch controls have been implemented for menu navigation, camera orientation, and movement, but this alternative option doesn’t trump the traditional analogue stick setup. As such, this is more of a re-release than an enhanced edition but we’ll take any excuse to greedily sink more glorious hours into this PlayStation Network classic. For the somehow uninitiated, this is a traditional tower defence excursion wrapped up in a cute cartoon aesthetic


Release Date : July 30, 2013
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer : Q-Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 161MB






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