Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection [ 3DS CIA ]

Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection

Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection

Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection

This collection of pinball games features stunningly accurate recreations of several of the most popular Williams tables of all time. Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection Every texture, every flashing light and every sound effect has been lovingly recreated in order to deliver the most accurate simulation of the classic pastime. From the surreal thrills of Funhouse, to the intergalactic delights of Pin Bot, you’ll be whizzed straight back to another time when life was far simpler.

Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection

While the 3DS version is technically the most feature-sparse yet on account of missing a handful of tables from its console cousins, those are the only things cut. Pinball Hall of Fame The Williams Collection Still sorely missing are mid-game saves, which puts a downer on extended play modes like Challenge. Hotseat multiplayer and tournaments as well as other unlockables are still present, in addition to a handful of 3DS-tailored features. Quickly moving the 3DS acts as slamming a real pinball table would and lets you give the ball’s direction a little nudge, but the real novelty is holding the handheld upside down to put the playing field on the bottom and the backboard on top akin to how an actual pinball table is constructed. Ultimately it’s a gimmick, albeit a pretty cute one, and makes things a bit more awkward to play as you have to press the shoulder buttons up instead of down while holding the flimsier part of the handheld. Stereoscopic 3D holds steady in this flipped orientation. The difference between playing in 2D and 3D is quite startling. The added depth lends a great sense of place and really makes the smaller details like lighting pop. In 2D it’s very easy to overlook how much care went into the original design of the tables and see them more as cluttered playing fields than crafted arenas, but the 3D carves out and clarifies the methods to the madness. Pinball in stereoscopic 3D is among the best uses of the tech that the handheld has seen so far: subtle but enhancing.


Release Date : September 6, 2011
Publisher : Crave Entertainment
Developer : FarSight Studios
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 83MB





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