Pazuru 3DS

Pazuru 3DS

Pazuru 3DS

Pazuru 3DS

Pazuru 3DS is an easy to learn, hard to master action-puzzler. Ninja Pazuru lost all his stars and it’s your job to get them back! Twist, bounce, warp and toggle your way through the levels, collecting stars along the way in this sumi-e inspired art style game. Take on the challenge to collect all the stars in as few actions as possible for the perfect score. You’re also able to create your own levels with the built-in level editor.

Pazuru 3DS

Initial impressions are promising. Pazuru (for all you budding linguists) means ‘Puzzle’ in Japanese, but that’s not really doing the game justice. Pazuru 3DS isn’t just a simple puzzle solving game, there’s also a requirement for the player to possess a decent amount of hand-eye coordination along with the grey matter in order to complete all the levels. Pazuru’s premise is simple – each of the 75 levels is contained within a single screen and consists of a different shape filled with obstacles to navigate and gold stars to collect. A push of the ‘A’ button releases a black bouncing ball into the level. The task at hand is to guide the ball around each level while picking up all the stars (by rolling into them).


Release Date : April 16, 2015
Publisher : Joindots
Developer :
Region :
File Type : 3DS
RAR File Size : 78MB







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