One Piece Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition [SWITCH XCI]

One Piece Unlimited World Red - Deluxe Edition

One Piece Unlimited World Red – Deluxe Edition kicks off, long-limbed Luffy — One Piece’s always-hungry hero — and his pirate friends have finally spotted land after being long out at sea. The forebodingly named Island of Promises looms ahead, and it’s there that they plan to part ways with Pato, a mysterious magical tanuki friend they picked up along the way. Of course, as you might imagine, things don’t exactly go to plan; not five minutes after setting foot on the island Luffy finds himself alone, with every last one of his crew mysteriously kidnapped, and so sets off to rescue his friends and uncover what’s really going on.The adventure that follows is full-on shōnen fun, and carries all the action, plot twists, and old friends and foes you’d expect from a piece of the One Piece plotline, but it also comes with a caveat: Unlimited World Red assumes you’re already a fan of the series, and doesn’t do much to catch newcomers up to speed. While it’s not really much of an issue in terms of the story — sure, you won’t appreciate returning foes or catch every reference, but it’s not difficult to follow — it’s still a shame, because much of the appeal of this decades-long series is in its characters and worldbuilding, and without so much as an introduction to the crew that appeal will be largely lost on new players.Not much has changed since its Wii U and 3DS days, but Unlimited World Red is still a swashbuckling good time for anime action aficionados. The handful of extra quests and costumes included in this ‘Deluxe Edition’ probably won’t be enough to tempt anyone into double (or triple) dipping, but excellent visuals and drop-in co-op with single Joy Con controls make the Switch version a great place to jump in. It’s a shame that there isn’t more of an effort to introduce Oda’s incredible world to players unfamiliar with the manga source material, but if you’re already a Straw Hat supporter this is an easy recommendation.


Release Date : 29th Sep 2017
Publisher :  Bandai Namco
Developer :  Bandai Namco
Genre: Action, Adventure
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 10.8 GB


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