One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS

One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS

One Piece Romance Dawn 3DS

Based on one of the world’s best-selling manga, the role-playing game One Piece: Romance Dawn 3ds gives gamers a chance to set sail with the Straw Hat Crew and explore famous stages such as Baratie, Arlong Park and more. Once drawn into the fantastical world of One Piece, eager fans will have the opportunity to experience all the epic battles of One Piece and encounter the franchise’s most famous bosses such as Arlong, Crocodile, Rob Lucci, and Magellan. By going head-to-head with these powerful foes, players will experience amazing battles and cut-scenes that make for elaborate boss encounters true to the original story. RPG lovers will find themselves embarking on an adventure where they can level up their favorite characters and customize and craft tons of new items that will change both the characters’ physical appearance and battle stats. One Piece: Romance Dawn contains an exciting “Grand Tactical Battle” feature within the game’s active turn base system, allowing players to choose the way of attack depending on battle situations.

One Piece Romance Dawn

One Piece: Romance Dawn 3ds The game is an RPG; it uses turn-based battles and action commands that help guide the player. The player commands the protagonist Luffy and other characters that are in his crew. The characters level up, and the player can strengthen attacks by obtaining points. All characters and enemies are from the One Piece series and play the same roles as seen in the source material. Cutscenes are told in a manga style. The game takes roughly 50 to 60 hours to complete. Namco Bandai Games announced in July 2012 that they would be developing their first One Piece game for the PSP, which would be pure RPG. The game features 30 minutes of newly animated cutscenes by Toei Animation. A port for the Nintendo 3DS was released on August 8, 2013. Namco Bandai Games announced the 3DS port would be released in Europe in November 2013, later revealing there are also plans to release the game in North America. The main theme song is Eternal Waves by Hyoue Ebata, which is replaced in the Western releases.


Release Date : February 11, 2014
Publisher : Bandai Namco
Developer :
Three Rings Inc.
Region :
File Type :
RAR File Size : 941MB







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