One Piece Burning Blood PSVITA VPK

One Piece Burning Blood PSVITA VPK

One Piece Burning Blood PSVITA VPK

One Piece Burning Blood PSVITA VPK

Battle it out face to face in this 3D brawler based on the One Piece anime/manga universe. One Piece: Burning Blood takes full advantage of the rich history of One Piece down to the finest details. Character expressions, elemental effects, and impact text come to life in this new game as if they were jumping off a manga page. Featuring all of the action, drama, and comedy from the world’s favorite pirate saga, One Piece: Burning Blood is all about style that will reheat fans’ nostalgia and pique the interest of curious new pirates. One Piece Burning Blood PSVITA VPK introduces an advanced battle system that replicates Devil Fruit abilities and Haki techniques in a true-to-series pirate free-for-all. Activated at will, these unique abilities can increase the player’s attack power, nullify incoming normal attacks, and more. Players must strategize how and when to use these special abilities to unleash their maximum fighting potential.

One Piece Burning Blood PSVITA VPK

The stages are a bit too big for this kind of action, too – you spend nearly as much time chasing your opponent as you do firing off attacks. Space is needed for some of the bigger moves to work, but the available distance can briefly get confusing when an enemy runs too far away. Plus, the slightly off-center camera takes some getting used to, and even once I adjusted to it, the over-the-shoulder camera placement never felt preferable to more traditional camera views from classics like Tekken or Virtua Fighter. Attacks get wackier and wackier the deeper you go into the roster, like Emporio Ivankov’s wonderfully ridiculous Face Spectrum that fills up the screen with his Rocky Horror Picture Show-like features. And these vibrant displays still look good even after seeing them dozens of times. Burning Blood prioritizes style over substance — arguably the correct choice when making such a fan service-focused game, but it comes at the cost of mechanical depth. I was much more interested in seeing Luffy’s many Gum-Gum attacks being done correctly than if a screen-filling attack really hit me. One Piece Burning Blood PSVITA VPK .


Release Date : May 31, 2016
Publisher : Bandai Namco
Developer : Spike Chunsoft
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.41GB





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