Nuclear Throne PSVITA VPK

Nuclear Throne PSVITA VPK

Nuclear Throne PSVITA VPK

Nuclear Throne PSVITA VPK

An explosive, gun-slinging romp through a post-apocalyptic wasteland that marries the frantic energy of bullet hells with the tactical risk assessment of a roguelike. Boasting a mean arsenal of weapons, from standard revolvers to plasma cannons, it packs a big enough punch to draw in fans of fast-paced run-and-guns, but also demands a patience and strategy that rewards slow and methodical players too. With a cast of colorful characters to choose from and a simple leveling system that grants fun new skills as you progress, there’s no shortage of unique approaches to play… which is good, because coupled with Nuclear Throne’s unforgiving level of difficulty, you’ll probably be playing a lot. Nuclear Throne PSVITA VPK

Nuclear Throne PSVITA VPK

Art of that is owed to its excellent balance of randomness and familiarity. Like any action-roguelike hybrid (see: The Binding of Isaac and Spelunky), Nuclear Throne PSVITA VPK levels, enemy spawns, and item pick-ups are all procedurally generated. Themed levels grant a degree of consistency, so while you may never get the same layout twice, you’ll still have a general idea of what to expect each time you enter a new zone. This is super valuable for planning ahead, which plays a major part in mastering Nuclear Throne’s challenges. It may be a shoot-em-up, but rolling into battle with even the biggest guns blazing will only get you so far. The bulk of Nuclear Throne’s strategy manifests in its engaging skill system. Downed enemies drop radioactive energy, or rads, which act like experience points. If you’ve cleared a level by annihilating all enemies and earned enough rads to level up, you get to choose one mutation out of four before moving on to the next area.


Release Date : December 5, 2015
Publisher : Vlambeer
Developer : Vlambeer
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 141MB





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