Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVITA VPK

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVITA VPK

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVITA VPK

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVITA VPK

Taking up the way of the ninja is to accept a life of constant challenge and sacrifice, as death dealing is a ninja’s foremost priority. While many will try, very few will ever hold the necessary skills it takes to walk this path alone. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVITA VPK has slashed its way onto PlayStation Vita as a launch title and puts the skills of the ninja right into the palm of your hands, but staying true to its form, few will have what it takes to survive.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVITA VPK

Back in 2004, Ninja Gaiden released on the Xbox and unleashed the famed ninja Ryu Hayabusa and his hardcore gameplay into the third dimension for the first time. Heralded as one of the best action titles of all time, it’s no surprise that the game has been revamped and remade several times over. While the game shows its age in a few areas, the intensity of the action-packed gameplay is wonderfully executed and is still as engaging today as it was back in 2004, making this a perfect entry for those who might’ve missed out on the deadly action throughout the years.Near inhuman reflexes and impeccable timing are only the basics in a ninja’s skillset and Ryu performs these basic traits with ease. With death-defying speeds and an almost graceful style, he removes limbs like a hot knife through butter, quickly slicing and dicing through enemies exactly as he’s prompted with quick (precise) button presses. The fighting engine is as deep as the best fighting games on the market: delving deeply into combat manoeuvres available to gain the skills equivalent to a master ninja is an absolute necessity, because every single enemy encountered could very well be the last. Whether it’s a standard grunt, demon fiend or one of the massive bosses, the challenge is as high as Ryu’s Dragon Blade is sharp and only those who master his many skills will place his revenge where it’s due. Throughout the quest, you’ll also acquire multiple weapons, skills and powers that grant Ryu god-like powers, and each weapon brings its own unique fighting style to master as well. From the up close and personal nunchaku to the slow swinging, but über powerful war hammer, the wide weapon and play style variety keeps the constant action from becoming stagnant, and the Trophy assembly ensures that each weapon is mastered by anyone attempting to acquire the game’s platinum Trophy. As the enemies grow ever stronger and your skills continually evolve, overcoming the seemingly innumerable impossible segments of the game is not only furiously fun in its intensity, but immensely rewarding as well. Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus PSVITA VPK


Release Date : 22nd Feb 2012
Publisher : Tecmo Koei
Developer : Team Ninja
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.87GB


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