Muramasa Rebirth PSVITA VPK

Muramasa Rebirth PSVITA VPK

Muramasa Rebirth PSVITA VPK

Based on ancient Japanese lore, Murumasa¬† The Demon Blade plunges players into the mystical Genroku era, ruled by the skilled shogun Tsunayoshi Tokogawa. But this culture is threatened; Tokugawa’s thirst for power leads to a conflict over the enormously powerful, though cursed, Demon Blades. Used in hatred, drenched in blood, the cursed blades condemn those who use them to tragedy, madness, and untimely deaths. As chaos spreads, denizens from the netherworld breach their realm as these malevolent swords summon evil spirits — and the Dragon and Demon Gods as well. Featuring hand-drawn 2D art reflecting the heritage and tone of the storyline, Muramasa transports players into a little known mythology, envisioned by the creators of the critically acclaimed Odin Sphere. Players take on the role of a male ninja or female kunoichi, utilizing their ninja prowess to traverse the clever side-scrolling levels that feature vertical progression as well as the traditional horizontal stage advancement. Redesigned for the PlayStation Vita system, Muramasa Rebirth PSVITA VPK includes hi-res graphics, enhanced controls, a complete relocalization in English, and more.

Muramasa Rebirth PSVITA

In addition to the main game, four self-contained stories were released as downloadable content (DLC) under the title Genroku Legends Genroku Kaikitana, featuring new characters within the Muramasa Rebirth universe.For the new characters, swords are replaced by other weapons such as clubs and shurikens, but they otherwise play in the same way as Momohime and Kisuke. New music was created for the title under Sakimoto’s supervision: the four episodes were scored by Kudo, Chiba, Kaneda and Iwata respectively. The Vanillaware-developed DLC launched in both Japan and the West between November 2013 and November 2014: the final DLC’s Japanese release was delayed by over two months behind the Western release. A special edition of Muramasa Rebirth exclusive to Japan contained all four DLC episodes alongside the original content.


Release Date : April 9 , 2009
Publisher : Aksys Games
Developer : TBC
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 433MB







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