Motor storm RC PSVITA VPK

Motor storm RC PSVITA VPK

Motor storm RC PSVITA VPK

Motor storm RC PSVITA VPK

High-speed radio-controlled car racing hits the Motor Storm circuit in Motor Storm RC PSVITA VITA ! With visually stunning renditions of all four MotorStorm worlds (and eight of their vehicle classes,) this RC racing game comes loaded with endless competition that you can share with friends and rivals worldwide — whether that’s on PS3 or PS Vita, or both!

Motor storm RC PSVITA VPK

MotorStorm RC is a top-down racing title available to download from the PlayStation Store for your PS Vita. It was part of the launch lineup for the PS Vita way back in February of 2012, and for those of you lucky enough to own a PSVita and a PS3 it also supports the Cross Buy initiative. The main differences between the Vita version of MotorStorm and its PS3 brother is the fact that you are racing Remote Controlled versions of the many vehicle classes found in the previous games, Monster Truck, Racing Truck, Supercar etc. Settings for the games tracks are taken from all 4 previous Motorstorm titles. The controls for this game are slightly different, as you are guided into using the PS Vita’s analogue sticks for steering and throttle control through the initial tutorial. Anyone who has owned a Remote Controlled vehicle will recognize this setup, but you are given the option to change your controller setup should you wish to at any time. Motor Storm RC PSVITA VPK does make use of the touchscreen for navigating the menus, but not much else and you can easily use the directional buttons for navigating menus if you so wish. The top-down camera also gives you a good view of your vehicle and the track without seeming too far away to make anything out clearly. The single player campaign consists of you taking on a variety of challenges, from straight races against AI opponents to Time attacks and drift racing. Winning medals in these events unlocks new tracks, vehicles and paintjobs for you to use over the entire game. The different vehicle classes you will use have their own strengths and weaknesses as you would expect, and coupled with the track terrain, will keep you from becoming too complacent with a particular vehicle class.


Release Date : March 6, 2012
Publisher : SCEA
Developer : Evolution Studios
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 637MB





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