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MotoGP 13

MotoGP 13

MotoGP 13

Power your way into the 2013 Worldwide Championship through the eyes of a MotoGP 13 rider. It’s been no surprise for some time now that third party support for the Playstation Vita isn’t quite what we would like it to be. Milestone however have been giving the Vita the attention it truly deserves and is continuing the love with their third title on the Vita – MotoGP 13.

MotoGP 13

Whereas MUD had all the content of it’s Playstation 3 brother but lacked in presentation, WRC 3 improved graphics dramatically but at the expense of the console’s career mode which hurt the title no end. It feels like this time however Milestone has really listened and managed to create MotoGP 13 without the sacrifices we have seen with their previous titles. Previously responsible for the SBK series, MotoGP 13 is a motorbike sim that is unashamedly realistic and equally as difficult to learn and master. Unlike the MotoGP titles that were released on the Playstation 2 and had a more arcade feel, MotoGP 13 contains a physics and driving model that can be initially overwhelming. Customisation is key here and Milestone has included lots of driving aids such as showing the racing line, assisting with breaking and even with cornering to help newcomers to the game. Race setups are equally as customisable and players have the option to set race length from 15% (usually three or four laps)  all the way up to 100% (usually over twenty). Weather conditions, tire wear and bike damage can all also be customised. With all the driving aids on things are easier but it’s still no slouch. Personally being a racing sim I opted to turn the assists off and to feel the full force of the bikes. I jumped straight into an Instant Race and found myself chewing tarmac within half a second of starting. The physics model here is incredibly in depth and if you turn the assists off you have to learn to take into account the weight distribution of your rider which is vital when accelerating, braking and cornering. Furthermore with the assists set to off you have two brake buttons; front and rear  and because of this MotoGP 13 is definitely the most realistic motorbike sim I’ve played. The problem is despite being so realistic and having assists to help, most players will not have experienced driving a 1000CC motorbike around a circuit at up to 200MPH and there is no tutorial to be found.


Release Date : December 8  2013
Publisher : Milestone
Developer : Milestone
Region : EUR
File Type :
PSVITA [ MaiDumpToolV233.2zEx ]
RAR File Size : 1.45GB






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