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Monster Hunter Stories

Monster Hunter Stories 3ds roms

Monster Hunter Stories

Capcom’s Monster Hunter series has become something of a runaway success since its 2004 debut on the PlayStation 2, reaching millions of players on various platforms, and spawning an explosion of similar games in the ‘Hunter’ mold. Action RPGs with a focus on multiplayer teamwork and lengthy battles against massive monsters, MonHun games are known for their tremendously steep learning curve as much as their intriguing world and rewarding gameplay a notion complicated by this latest 3DS spin-off, Monster Hunter Stories. Stories shakes things up by crafting a kid-friendly, story-driven, turn-based JRPG based on the series’ world and lore, and it works wonderfully; whether you’re a young(-at-heart) RPG fan or a longtime Hunter open to a new angle, Stories is a real treat.

Monster Hunter Stories

True to its name, Stories is a more narrative-driven experience than mainline Monster Hunter games, and it starts off with a bang. Your young avatar which you can personalize extensively in a surprisingly robust character creator and two close friends are exploring in the woods, looking for monster eggs and play-training to become Riders handlers who use Kinship Stones to befriend, train, and fight alongside monsters. Things quickly take an unfortunate turn, however, when a dragon-like monster infected by a rage-inducing disease known as the ‘Black Blight’ attacks your character’s home village. Flash forward a year later, and you’re ready to become a Rider for real and to use your monster-raising powers to unravel the mystery of the Black Blight and put an end to the plague for good. It’s an engaging, heartwarming story in the cartoony, Pokémon/Yo-Kai Watch style, and though many beats are predictable, an endearing cast of characters especially your Felyne sidekick Navirou help keep things interesting. The narrative motivations of your Rider also pave the way for the totally different game play in Stories compared to the main series. Monster Hunter Stories whereas traditional Monster Hunter games are all about, well, hunting monsters, Stories sees you using the power of Kinship to hatch, raise, and go on adventures with your Mon-sties (the game’s twee name for monsters you’ve formed bonds with), and work your way through the exploration, quests, battles, and boss fights that make up the campaign together as a team.


Release Date : September 08, 2017
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Capcom
Region : JAP
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.64GB


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