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Monster Hunter Generations

Monster Hunter Generations 3ds roms

Monster Hunter Generations

At its core, a celebratory release. With the franchise now past a decade old and starting to make notable sales progress in the West, this entry combines areas and characters from across those ten years with some new ideas. Nintendo gamers that have been following the series since Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) onwards will pick up plenty of references, while some locations and cast members originate from PSP entries; yet with all of that nostalgia there’s also the nod to evolution. Monster Hunter Generations This is a series that needs to remain fit to survive, and this title makes key moves that could prove vital in future generations, even if their presence here is still firmly rooted in the past and present. The core elements that drive this franchise remain in place, a reflection of the fact that each entry  particularly on Nintendo hardware in the West – has been largely iterative. As a series Monster Hunter is uncompromising, with players expected to grind and accumulate in order to progress towards the distant end game. It’s also relatively unique in its approach – there are no character levels, but rather the focus for the player is to gather materials and money to craft better armour, weapons and accessories, along with key items that are vital for survival on the hunt. To newcomers it can all seem rather obtuse, yet once understood it’s surprisingly intuitive and – most of all – engrossing.

Monster Hunter Generations

Generations, for its part, sets out to try and help new players to understand the underlying mechanics and, by extension, the path to long term success. An extensive ‘Training’ section at the main quest desk takes players through a lot of important lessons, from gathering and combining items to successfully cooking raw meat. The most pleasing aspect is that experienced players can ignore this area completely, with only modest rewards available across hours of tutorial quests. It’s a prime example of the development team listening to feedback and refining its approach, helping inexperienced players without burdening those that want to get straight into the action. Monster Hunter Generations Nevertheless, this entry above all others needs some adjustment from even the most experienced of Hunters. When creating your character you now also choose a Hunter Style, with four options in total. Those that want classic play can pretty much get it through the Guild option, yet the others all add enticing twists to the gameplay. Striker charges your Arts gauge quickly (we’ll get to that), Aerial allows for quicker and rather stylised dodges and a dramatic jump into the air in a pinch, while ‘Adept’ is pitched as the option for the most skilled players, with last ditch dodges allowing for ‘insta-moves’ that do significant damage.


Release Date : July 15, 2016
Publisher : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.56GB


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