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Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate 3ds roms

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

A pivotal franchise for Capcom, consistently delivering the company’s biggest sales and securing its profits; it’s a phenomenon in Japan. Elsewhere, however, it’s a respectable success without truly flourishing, succeeding in capturing a relatively small, dedicated audience but struggling for mainstream attention. All of the usual noises have been made about Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate striving for mainstream take-off in the West, yet ultimately this is a slight variation of the usual demanding blend of intense hunts, repetition and grinding. That’s wonderful for fans and arguably vital to the identity of the series, but is unlikely to attract those previously turned off by the demanding IP. Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate¬† MH4U from here on in does have one immediate notable evolution over its predecessors on Wii, Wii U and 3DS, as it strives to introduce a more cohesive story and set of characters. As opposed to a single hub as with Moga Village beforehand the premise is of working with the rather cheerful Caravaneer to bring together a caravan / crew that’ll explore the mystery of his artifact, a glimmering relic. While the basic ingredients are largely the same you have a chef, armourer, trader – the tale of basic exploration and constructing your ship and crew is an improvement over the lacklustre effort of MH3U.

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Basic hub mechanics are refreshed, too, with some additions being new and others being subtle tweaks to the existing formula. A member of your crew runs a trading post, for example, which replaces the farm as a means of producing some vital resources, but also for trading some monster parts for others. The Palicoes these cats are now companions on the hunting field rather than mere extras – can be collected, as eventually you expand to having a fairly large group at your disposal. Two can go out on the field with you at any time, while others can be assigned as backups, carry out alternative quests, or even do a spot of fishing. It’s a way of gathering more resources, and there’s even a mini resource economy specific to Palicoes for forging their weapons and armour. That’s all a taster, as the core of the experience is in hunting, gathering and forging. It’s the standard Monster Hunter template and it’s now refined and functions rather like a well-oiled machine, albeit one that takes a long time to get the job done. This, once again, is a title that’ll demand dozens possibly hundreds – of hours to battle through the whole thing. First encounters with monsters inevitably come through quests, though the drops from carving up their bodies after a successful hunt merely get you started. As you start to cast your eye over enhancements you realise that a particular full set of armour needs plenty of parts, so the loop of defeating a monster multiple times ensues. Alternatively you have a patchwork of equipment that’s not as effective as a full set.


Release Date : February 15, 2015
Publisher : Capcom
Developer : Capcom
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.57GB


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