Monster 4×4 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Monster 4×4 3D

Monster 4x4 3D

Monster 4×4 3D

Experience in 3D the power of fully customizable large, aggressive and loud vehicles that destroy and change game environment. Deliver true intended mayhem through 15 missions as you crash, bash, and race your way to the top Monster 4×4 3D . Bring mayhem as you push your monster truck’s destructive capabilities to extremes; Race in 20 playable off-road vehicles ranging from classic dune buggies and modified SUVs to an ice cream truck garbage truck construction crane burger truck and school bus; Get your adrenaline pumping with powerup-based arcade-style combat racing; Jump into the center of action with real-time destruction of both vehicles and environments including five destruction parts per vehicle and destructible obstacles; Unleash your destructive power across five environments 15 missions and three boss challenges.

Monster 4×4 3D

Seriously, why does this game even exist? Honestly, Monster 4×4 3D is a billion miles away from a being a good game. This game is pure and plain ugly, lacks a stable frame rate, not only that but the car handling is extremely broken and make the game hard to even play. Graphics are so mediocre it’s not funny, power ups are just plain retarded and adding more to the gimmicks, as if there weren’t enough. Even James Rolfe should stay a long distance away from this. If you see someone play this, pull the cartridge out, pour gasoline on it and light it on FIRE. Playing this game will make you sick as the 3D is very, very badly done. If you want a Mario Kart clone, go buy MySims Racing for the Nintendo DS instead, as it is exactly the same but a million times better.
Do not buy in any kind of circumstance. Stay. Away. If you’re planning on buying this game, please don’t, it will kill you rather quickly in a very violent manner.


Release Date : October 9, 2012
Publisher : Ubisoft
Developer : Ubisoft
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 44MB





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