Moe Chronicles PSVITA VPK

Moe Chronicles PSVITA VPK

Moe Chronicles PSVITA VPK

Moe Chronicles PSVITA VPK

Compile Heart’s Monster Monpiece received a lot of flack when it launched in the U.S. last year. There was the side who opposed the outrageous degree of fanservice on display and then there was the side angry due to the censoring of a handful of cards by Idea Factory International. Once you actually got past all the anime flesh, though, the underlying card battle system was immensely enjoyable. The next game in this series is Genkai Tokki Moero Chronicle (also known as Moe Chronicle) which up to this point is still not announced for a western release. Thanks to an increasing trend within Asian territories, however, more games such as this are getting an English language option included. As such, this is a review of the Asian territory version of Moe Chronicle PSVITA VPK  provided to us by

Moe Chronicles PSVITA VPK

This adventure isn’t a total waste of time, though. As typical of the genre, it’s a “save the world” mission — with a few twists. You see, Moe Chronicle’s world is inhabited by monster girls. In fact, Io’s best friend is a monster girl. Something has shifted, however, causing the majority of these women to go wild and attack humans. Io’s task is to enter the monstrous region and discover the source of the problem and reverse it before monsters such as his buddy turn against the local townsfolk too. It’s a neat little premise, although not completely fresh and also gets pushed to the sideline as fanservice takes center stage Before we get to the more famous aspects of Moe Chronicle PSVITA VPK , though, the gameplay requires more discussion. Those who’ve played a dungeon crawler before basically know what to expect. The player walks in first-person through a 3D landscape, getting tossed into random battles, discovering treasure chests and the like along the way. Most battles are against non-monster girl enemies and aren’t particularly challenging even on the higher difficulty setting. As such, as long as you’re leveled enough, the best tactic is to set the game on auto battle and fast forward through everything.


Release Date : May 5, 2015
Publisher : Compile Heart
Developer : Compile Heart
Region : ASIA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.42GB





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