Moco Moco Friends [ 3DS CIA ]

Moco Moco Friends

Moco Moco Friends

Moco Moco Friends

An interesting twist on the adventure RPG genre, build your skills and amass loads of cuddly monsters to become the ultimate Moppet Master. Battle against your rivals, scavenge items, venture through massive dungeons, evolve your Moppet monsters, and travel with your companions across the magical realm of Dreamtopia. Whether it’s the demonic menagerie of Shin Megami Tensei, the lovable pocketable monsters of Pok√©mon, or the goofy ghosts of Yo-Kai Watch, creature-collecting games have been a staple of the JRPG genre for years and show no signs of slowing down. One of the latest takes on this trend is Aksys’ Moco Moco Friends, a whimsical, child-friendly experience that sees sentient stuffed animals called ‘Plushkins’ standing in as your furry fighting friends. Absolutely adorable and stuffed full of heart and charm, it’s both a great starting point for younger RPG players and an enjoyable outing for anyone up for an arts-and-crafts adventure.

Moco Moco Friends

If Moco’s gameplay is reminiscent of dungeon crawlers, and its battle system sits firmly in the Pocket Monsters mold, its monster recruiting takes a page straight out of the Yo-Kai Watch playbook. Moco Moco Friends As in Level-5’s latest, there’s no way to come out and ‘capture’ a Plushkin; rather, from time to time after you best one in battle they’ll come up to you and ask if you’d like to form a contract with them. If you accept, it will bounce on over to the Plushkin House in town, where it will be ready to join your party whenever you like. Though you can give Plushkins ‘heart items’ during battle to increase the chance they’ll ask to tag along, as in Yo-Kai Watch, there’s no fool-proof way to make friends, which can be frustrating when you see a Plushkin you’d really like to raise. Luckily, most monsters are relatively plentiful within the dungeons they appear in, and among the hundred-plus plushies their designs are almost all appealing we had fun stitching together our squad from the Plushkins who approached us, and generally managed to form contracts with most monsters in a given area after a few runs.


Release Date : November 17, 2015
Publisher : Aksys Games
Developer : Racjin
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 213MB


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