Minecraft Story Mode – The Complete Adventure [SWITCH XCI]

Minecraft Story Mode - The Complete Adventure

Minecraft Story Mode – The Complete Adventure is a worthwhile ride, though it is a bit inconsistent in terms of the quality of the episodes. If you’re a fan of Minecraft, or just want to try out something that feels halfway between a game and a Netflix show, this is a great game to jump on. Though you likely won’t be replaying it very much, there’s hours of content on offer here the first time through and it certainly justifies the price of admission.Carrying on in the tradition of Episode 5 — which offered a standalone story — Episode 6 sees Jesse and the gang taking refuge in a creepy mansion from a strangely large group of zombies outside. It turns out that other adventurers — various YouTube stars that make cameos — are much in the same boat, and all have been invited by a mysterious figure known as “The White Pumpkin”. It doesn’t take long for the White Pumpkin to start killing off the characters one by one, and it’s up to Jesse and his friends to find out which of the adventurers is the White Pumpkin and put a stop to their villainous plan.Minecraft Story Mode – The Complete Adventure.
Given that the episode almost entirely takes place inside the confines of the mansion, it’s relatively low on action sequences and is quite heavy on the dialogue and murder mystery elements. Some might see this as a drawback and others might appreciate the change of pace; we found it to be a breath of fresh air. And while it may be that there’s an air of unimportance to it all — Jesse and the gang really aren’t any closer to getting home after this episode — it still tells an engaging tale that keep you guessing.


Release Date : 5th Sep 2017
Publisher :  Telltale Games
Developer :  Telltale Games
Genre: Adventure
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 4.7 GB


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