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Nintendo’s endlessly endearing Mii characters have been one of the most enduring creations of the Wii era; from their earliest days as Wii Sports athletes and player avatars, they’ve gone on to star in StreetPass and Nintendo Land, soar through the air in Pilotwings Resort, race in Mario Kart 8, and even battle it out in Super Smash Bros. 2014’s Tomodachi Life was perhaps the first game to put the full focus on the Miis themselves, but now thanks to Miitopia it won’t be the last. An RPG-lite starring Miis of your choosing, Miitopias channels the charm and quirk of Tomodachi Life into a more traditional gameplay template to wonderful results, making for one of the more unique and enjoyable experiences on the 3DS. When the curtain rises on Miitopias, it’s another normal day in the peaceful, titular kingdom Miis are happily living their lives, adorable faces fully intact, without a care in the world. Unfortunately, the Dark Lord has other plans, and has begun stealing Miis’ faces and lending them to horrifying monsters which now threaten the land. It’s a downright disturbing concept presented in a typically family-friendly fashion, and it’s also the perfect set-up for an adventure, in which you your Mii and several companions set off to save the world one face at a time. By far the biggest draw of Miitopias is that it’s an RPG that can star you and your friends or pretty much any other group of people and/or characters you can come up with and right from the start it makes it very easy to put that into practice. You’ll start by choosing a Mii for your main character, and then for new party members, allies, antagonists, and other major players in the story as they come up. You can make Miis within the game, as well as import them directly from Mii Maker, Tomodachi Life, or your 3DS’ Friends List, scan them in from QR codes (including those generated by Miitomo), or search through or grab them at random from an online database of user-generated Miis. It’s also a simple matter to recast any roles in the story, and daily SpotPass questionnaires help tailor the Miis that trickle down into your game to your tastes. It’s made to be as easy as possible, and it was a cinch to cast our story — deciding which friends to put in which roles took forever, but the interface makes it a snap.


Once you have your starting Mii you can set off in earnest on Miitopia’s journey: a simplified RPG that sees you traveling across a Super Mario World-style world map filled with discrete, explorable areas. When you choose an area to journey through, that exploration is mostly automatic; your party moves through the side-scrolling level at a steady clip, encountering random battles, items, treasure chests and events along the way, before ending up at an Inn that marks the end of each area. There are branching paths in most areas, and even though the movement is automated, it never feels boring or pointless your Miis quip and keep up banter as they go, the random events provide cute moments between your party members and, of course, they offer up plenty of battles where Miitopia’s charm really starts to shine through. These turn-based battles pit your party against multiple (very cute) monsters, in the style of Dragon Quest and other classic RPGs. Like the exploration, it’s also largely on rails; you’ll control your main character’s actions directly attack, use a skill, or use a recovery item but the rest of your team will act on their own each turn. If that was all there was to it, it wouldn’t make for very interesting combat, but your party’s decisions are based on three interlocking systems classes, personalities, and relationships which combined carry a massive amount of Miitopia’s quirky charm.


Release Date : July  28, 2011
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Nintendo
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 916MB


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