Mighty Switch Force 3DS CIA

Mighty Switch Force 3DS CIA

Mighty Switch Force 3DS CIA

Mighty Switch Force 3DS CIA

WayForward’s weirdos are at it again. These demented minds have already unleashed downloadable madness upon Nintendo fans thrice before – with the adventures of a belly-dancing half-genie, a dimension-flipping wizard and a planet-smashing alien girl – and DSi owners have loved every minute of each one. Shantae: Risky’s Revenge, Mighty Flip Champs and Mighty Milky Way set the high bar for quality on DSiWare, and in so doing also set players’ expectations high for what the company’s artists would accomplish with their first 3DS-exclusive download.

Mighty Switch Force 3DS CIA

Mighty Switch Force 3DS CIA casts you as Officer Patricia Wagon, a cybernetic super cop working to bring five escaped criminals to justice. She does this by running, jumping and blasting her way through 16 different stages – but don’t get the idea that this is an action game. Though screenshots make it seem so, this design is actually much more puzzler than it is platformer. Patty’s running, jumping and blasting only facilitate her traveling from one puzzle situation to the next, as each level presents you with arrays of blocks to navigate around, across and through. This is where the “Switch” part comes in, as the final action at your command is the ability to trigger a position swap of these blocks at any time – which means any blocks sitting in the background will zip forward into the foreground, and any other blocks already there will do the reverse. The puzzles involve properly timing your switches of these big blocks, causing them to rush out of the background to become platforms when Patricia needs a surface to stand on. Or creating bridges for explosive enemies to walk across so they might reach a bombable wall on the far side of a gap. Or just phasing barriers out of your way so that you can get a clean shot at a flying foe or other obstacle in your way. Mighty Switch Force 3DS CIA


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