Mighty Final Fight 3DS CIA

Mighty Final Fight 3DS CIA

Mighty Final Fight 3DS CIA

Mighty Final Fight 3DS CIA

Originally released for the NES in 1993, Mighty Final Fight is a home console spin-off of the original arcade classic, Mighty Final Fight 3DS CIA . Interestingly, it came out a year after the technically superior home console port that appeared on the SNES and, furthermore, is quite a departure from the other games in the series in terms of style and presentation. While it may not have the technical chops of its 16-bit counterpart, it’s nevertheless visually impressive for a NES title, and worth looking into even if you’re already very familiar with the core franchise.

Mighty Final Fight 3DS CIA

At first glance, Mighty Final Fight 3DS CIA looks to be a fairly straightforward beat-em-up that does little to stand out from — what was at the time — an overcrowded genre. The game features only a single-player story mode, and tasks you with working your way through five stages. This may make it sound lacking in terms of longevity, but Mighty Final Fight’s insane difficulty level will either hold you up throughout your playthrough or put you off playing altogether: the tough challenge you’d expect from an coin-guzzling arcade machine has been carried over superbly, and any chance of breezing through this game on your first attempt is highly unlikely. As a result, this benefits from the save state feature that comes with all 3DS digital re-releases. Similar to the arcade experience, Mighty Final Fight gives you a certain number of credits before it’s game over for good; thankfully, losing all your lives only sends you back to the start of the stage you’re currently on, rather than the beginning of the game. With that said, it’s easy to lose all your lives at an alarming rate.The premise of the game perfectly sets up the tough-as-nails challenge with which you’re faced. A satire of the original Final Fight, things get underway quickly after one of the main character’s daughter has been kidnapped by a foe due to his sudden infatuation with her.


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