Mario Strikers Charged [ Wii ISO ]

Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged

Mario Strikers Charged

Mario and friends once again take to the pitch in this second entry in the soccer series. Players form an original team by combining one of 12 captains with three of eight sidekicks before competing in one of the game’s many modes. Anything goes in Mario Strikers Charged, as players are allowed to use a variety of special abilities to clinch important goals. Each captain has his or her own set of skills and super abilities, as well as the ability to perform special shots called Mega Strikes, where the iron ball splits into five balls and flies at the goal. The defending player must use the Wii Remote to target and aim at and shoot these balls out of the air before conceding a goal. Each of the stadiums in Mario Strikers Charged has various characteristics and contraptions, which influence game play. Players must learn to use this to their advantage to truly dominate the pitch.

Mario Strikers Charged

Two years ago Nintendo and development studio Next Level Games released Super Mario Strikers a title that married a very nontraditional approach to the sport of soccer with the lovable characters from the Mushroom Kingdom for GameCube. Nobody had any idea what to expect from the endeavor, but it proved to be surprisingly enjoyable, particularly as a multiplayer affair. As a single-player outing, however, it lacked depth. Gamer’s could select their team captains, but they couldn’t pick their sidekicks. Special moves called mega strikes practically guaranteed goals. And the selection of characters and stadiums seemed as light as the CPU-controlled artificial intelligence. Mario Strikers Charged Thankfully, for the official Wii sequel, Mario Strikers Charged, many of these criticisms have been addressed, but Next Level Games hasn’t stopped there. It’s also spruced up the overall graphical presentation and added a full-blown online mode the first one on Nintendo’s new console worth mentioning. Charged still has some shortcomings, and yet it’s a definite improvement over its predecessor in every facet and ultimately one of the best multiplayer offerings available for Wii, period.


Release Date : July 30, 2007
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : Next Level Games
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 2.05GB


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