Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle [SWITCH XCI]

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle is a must have for Switch-owning fans of turn-based tactical games. More importantly, such is the style and depth on offer that it’s also ideal for those that haven’t played much of the genre, for whom ‘X-COM’ sounds like a silly acronym from a war movie. It introduces the concept in the best possible way, and then utilises its own ideas for what becomes a smart and – at times – deliciously challenging experience.It’s worth knowing of these minor things, but they don’t detract from what is otherwise an impressive and accomplished game. It’s rather unlike any Rabbids game we’ve played because it’s so polished and has such depth; the developers deserve a lot of credit and evidently had a genuine desire to do the Mario name – in particular – justice. It’s not only a fantastic exclusive for the Switch, but it gives Nintendo gamers a unique and at-times innovative spin on a genre typically popular on PC, in particular.
It’s perfectly acceptable to be surprised by Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, as many have been since its E3 reveal. The end result delivers on all of the potential that we could suddenly see back in June; even if you don’t actually like the Rabbids, this game – and its familiar Mario cast and setting – is so good that Ubisoft’s mascots are likeable. Well, almost.


Release Date : 29th Aug 2017
Publisher :  Ubisoft
Developer :  Ubisoft
Genre: Puzzle, RPG
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 2.7 GB


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