Mario And Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games

mario and sonic at the rio 2016 olympic games

Mario And Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games

All of your favorite Mario and Sonic characters are ready to join the fun in Rio de Janeiro, host of the Olympic Games in 2016. Take the rivalry on the road with this portable collection of supercharged events like Soccer, Table Tennis, or test your skills in a challenging game of Golf. Players control various characters from the fictional universes of the Mario and Sonic franchises in sporting events based on the 2016 Summer Olympics. The game also contains support for the Amiibo line of NFC figures. The game was first revealed on the Japanese Nintendo Direct website on May 30, 2015. Like the previous games, the game was officially licensed by the International Olympic Committee. Both versions of the game released worldwide in 2016. An arcade edition of the game was also announced by Sega, which will be released in Japan in 2016. It was released in North America on June 24, 2016 and is slated to be released in Europe later.
is unlocked after winning a medal in the first tournament, is optional and is activated with the button. The game always starts instead on Copacabana Beach, that is explorable and contains several characters the player can talk to, either characters from Team Sonic and Team Mario or Miis of other players. Outside of tournaments, the player always controls their own Mii on the beach. By talking to Miis of players from unknown countries or by talking the first time to characters from Team Sonic or Team Mario after entering the first tournament, countries’ and characters’ flags can be obtained respectively. Furthermore, after participating at least once in the Heroes Showdown mode, there is also one Mii that gives a tip card about the Heroes Showdown mode, if all said cards haven’t been already collected. When characters from Team Mario or Team Sonic are found at the beach, one Mii also gives additional information about one character, chosen randomly among at least two small pieces of information of this kind per character. In addition to this, there are important locations and characters that can be talked to in order to access the game’s modes, to purchase items or to obtain additional rewards, these are:


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