Madden NFL Football [ 3DS CIA ]

Madden NFL Football

Madden NFL Football

Madden NFL Football

Offers a unique handheld experience with authentic 11-on-11 football, 5-on-5 action and Season Mode. Additional features jump off the screen with 3D graphics, such as “Spotlight Moments” and “Call Your Shots”. Madden NFL Football brings each of the 32 NFL teams and stadiums to life with a presentation optimized for viewing in 3D, including 3D specific cameras that provide new levels of depth, making Madden NFL Football the perfect on the go game for every football fan. And with three types of play calling GameFlow, Classic, and Arcade, Madden NFL Football provides an enjoyable experience for gamers of all skill levels.

Madden NFL Football

While the number of modes may be lacking, it does offer up a solid portable game of football. Madden NFL Football Plenty of character animations and tight controls make the players move realistically, creating the feel of a Madden game that we would experience on Wii instead of a portable system. The Circle Pad offers precision input for running those tight lines through the defence, and the touchscreen allows the ability to draw custom receiver routes, essentially allowing you to create your own plays. The GameFlow system has also been included, where the game automatically selects the plays for the player, and is a great addition for this portable iteration as it shortens the length of a game and keeps the action constantly flowing. GameFlow is perfect for newcomers to the series, but the core fans may find it unnecessary, preferring the deep playbooks that the series is known for. The standard settings had us winning most games by significant margins, so veterans of the series will likely want to turn up the difficulty upon starting.


Release Date : March 27, 2011
Publisher : Electronic Arts
Developer : EA North Carolina
Region : USA | FREE
File Type : 3DS CIA
RAR File Size : 680MB





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