Lumo provides a modern isometric platformer, offering (as you’d expect) improved audio-visual presentation over the classics of the genre, whilst still providing the same kind of entertainment. There’s fun from spotting the references to old and obscure games (like Jack the Nipper) and other things (“Take your brain to another dimension. Pay close attention”), but Lumo’s gameplay that’s the biggest source of entertainment here. Many rooms serve as mini challenges as you attempt to clear obstacles and avoid dangers, flick a switch to activate something somewhere else or perhaps stop for something that requires a bit more thought, such as pushing mirrors about to redirect some laser beams. Occasionally the fixed camera makes progress through a room more difficult than it should be, and there are moments in the ice zone where the game moves from “tough-but-fair” to “ruddy annoying”.
Once cleared there’s replay value in the game not only from it being an enjoyable adventure, but also from trying to get the various achievements and collecting all of the ducks, coins and cassette tapes. If 100%ing a game is not your bag and you’d just prefer a tougher challenge, then the game also features an “Old School” mode that has a finite number of lives (more can be collected) and does not allow saving. There’s also a timer to keep track of how long your exploration is taking you. Upon death you are treated to a screen informing you of how many rooms you explored, distance travelled, ducks/cassettes collected and how many horrible deaths you suffered. There’s an online leaderboard for this mode but at the time of writing this just shows an “Unable to find a Leaderboard!” message.


Release Date : 20th Nov 2017
Publisher :  Rising Star Games
Developer :  Triple, Eh?
Genre: Adventure, Platformer
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 3.5 GB


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