Little Deviants PSVITA VPK

Little Deviants PSVITA VPK

Little Deviants PSVITA VPK

Little Deviants PSVITA VPK

A boisterous bunch of characters who have crash landed on the Whoman world whilst being pursued by the evil Botz. The player must help gather the Deviants (who are just out to have a good time), protect the Whomans, and eventually rid the word of the robot menace and their undead minions. Little Deviants is a collection of minigames that have been engineered to complement the Vita console. The player and the Little Deviants PSVITA VPK explore the game world’s six unique environments, progressing through a wide variety of levels, each a unique minigame focusing on a specific aspect of the powerful Vita hardware. Each minigame is easy to pick up and difficult to master. Players can post their scores online, hunt down all the hidden Moggers and unlocks, or pass the console around for party play with friends.

Little Deviants PSVITA VPK

Little Deviants PSVITA VPK story is nonsensical, virtually non-existent, and not at all important to your enjoyment of the game. The general structure of the experience relies not on plot-driven intricacies, but rather on the completion of Little Deviants’ mini-games, which always find the cute Deviant characters in some sort of predicament directed by their devious foils, the Botz. By completing mini-games while achieving certain point totals, players will unlock in-game medals that in turn unlock new mini-games and various extras to round out the experience. If you’re hesitant to use the PlayStation Vita’s front and rear touch pads, SixAxis motion controls, camera and microphone, then needless to say Little Deviants isn’t for you. BigBig’s game relies entirely on those control schemes to move you through its various activities. The Vita’s analog sticks, face buttons and directional pad are never used, though you’ll occasionally use the L and R buttons. Then again, if you’re interested in all of the things the PlayStation Vita can do that the PlayStation Portable couldn’t, then Little Deviants may be worth a look. Most of the activities tote functional controls, though some are admittedly more fun than others. Of course, Little Deviants also has a few mini-games that don’t work well or are outright frustrating. A great example of one such mini-game is the singular activity I was actually most interested in, the one that uses the back touch pad to create hills on the screen that move your Deviant around enemies and obstacles. While great in premise, this mini-game constitutes perhaps the weakest and most frustrating foray into alternate controls I ran into.


Release Date : February 14, 2012
Publisher : SCEA
Developer : BigBig Studios
Region : EUR
File Type :
RAR File Size : 918MB





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