Lets Fish Hooked On [NoNpDrm] [PSVITA VPK]

Lets Fish Hooked On

Lets Fish Hooked On

Lets Fish Hooked On

The closest that we’ve ever come to a fishing rod is the one that shipped alongside the Dream-cast which is fitting seeing as PlayStation Vita exclusive Lets Fish Hooked On was designed by many of the people that worked on SEGA Bass Fishing. And it really shows: from the overenthusiastic speech samples to the grating pop rock, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight back into an alternate version of the ’90s, where everyone smells of haddock and teenage girls wear unfastened Daisy Dukes.

Lets Fish Hooked On

The bulk of the experience is divided into two modes: World Tour and Challenge. The former puts you behind the rod of one of four different anime-style characters, each with their own angst-ridden angling mini-drama. Sadly, the plot’s delivery mechanism through text and freeze frames is almost as dreary as the subject matter, and you’ll find yourself fumbling for the skip button faster than a crab in a simmering saucepan. In truth, the narrative is just woeful window dressing for the wealth of aquatic action within. Lets Fish Hooked On You’ll be forced to work your way through three progressively difficult classes by flexing your fishing finesse in a series of tournaments. Shorter stages will reward you with points, which can then be spent on unlocking new abilities to aid you in your angling endeavors. As you progress, you’ll unlock new hooking hotpots, as well as various baits, which can be used to catch different types of sea life. The aforementioned Challenge mode fails to mix things up in any meaningful manner. Instead of progressing through tournaments, here you’re forced to work through a slew of rotating objectives instead, where you’ll be asked to net a specific quota of fish or reach a designated weight target.


Release Date : January 29 2013
Publisher : Wired Productions
Developer : SIMS
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 1.4 GMB


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