Lemmings Touch PSVITA VPK

Lemmings Touch PSVITA VPK

Lemmings Touch PSVITA VPK

Lemmings Touch PSVITA VPK

Control the fate of the lovable Lemmings with your fingertips in Lemmings Touch. Save the wacky Lemmings Touch PSVITA VPK in over 100 perilous levels all designed to take you closer to the action than ever before. Use Lemmings Touch powers to help guide the Lemmings to safety as you activate switches, slide platforms and lift objects to clear the way to the exit. Explore wondrously themed, high resolution worlds including Crystal Caverns, Hell, Ancient Egypt, Space and Candy Land.

Lemmings Touch PSVITA VPK

Long before Angry Birds was so much as a twinkle in Rovio’s eye, a gang of suicidal rodents ruled the roost in the world of puzzle gaming. Lemmings was bound to make a comeback sooner or later, with the rise of touchscreen controls paving the way for an influx of similar puzzlers to find success on portable gaming devices. Developed by PlayStation Mobile studio d3t, Lemmings Touch is an enhanced remake of sorts built around the touch interface of the PlayStation Vita. With Lemmings being a timeless classic, the developers have sensibly stuck to the original blueprint, adding platform-specific controls, an injection of variety, and overhauled visuals. The result is a solid puzzle game that embodies the spirit of its 1990s forebear, builds on its framework and makes effective use of the Vita’s features. For those too youthful to recall the original Lemmings titles, they tasked players with guiding a band of mindless critters across trap-filled stages to a safe haven on the other side. Each level represented a single conundrum, and the key to besting it was assigning roles to individual Lemmings, including digger, climber, blocker, builder and more. Lemmings Touch PSVITA VPK .


Release Date : May 27, 2014
Publisher : SCEA
Developer : D3T , SIE Europe
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 748MB





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