LEGO Worlds

LEGO Worlds’s main strength comes when you play in sandbox mode, where you’re given total control and can build whatever your heart desires. There’s a massive amount of unique LEGO pieces that you can utilize here — you don’t need to ‘discover’ stuff in this mode, it’s all unlocked from the get-go — and part of the fun is that many builds which work in real life can be replicated in-game, too. There’s a virtually limitless amount of content on offer, then, but it does largely depend on the creative tendencies of the player. The toolbox is incredibly deep, but there’s not much to do if constructing your own cities and structures isn’t your cup of tea. Sure, it can be fun to goof around on the back of a dinosaur and ravage villages with laser cannons, but that kind of thing can only entertain for so long.The meat of the gameplay in story mode is found in the various quests that you can undertake, and it’s here that the first cracks begin to show in the game’s foundation. Simply put, the quests are largely repetitive and simple fetch quests that require very little thought or skill on the part of the player.On the whole, that mostly describes our experience with LEGO Worlds. There are lots of great ideas here, and every now and then you can see glimpses of what kind of potential those ideas have, but this is a gaming equivalent of what happens when you pull a tray of cookies out of the oven too early, leaving you underdone treats. The core concept behind LEGO Worlds isn’t the problem, but the execution is. Perhaps in future updates (or sequels) Tt Games will figure out how to better refine it, but we would advise you to hold off on this one for now. Creative players will get a little more utility out of this game due to its sandbox mode, but on the whole there’s not much here that you’ll be missing out on by passing.


Release Date : 5th Sep 2017
Publisher :  Warner Bros
Developer :  TT Games
Genre: Adventure
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 2.4 GB


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