LEGO City Undercover [SWITCH XCI]

LEGO City Undercover

LEGO City Undercover doesn’t quite stand up as well in its 2017 form as it did when it originally came to Wii U; series improvements have come in the years since that leave this one looking slightly dusty in comparison. There are also some technical issues that hold it back, with odd graphical blemishes – a pity as the updated engine is generally an improvement – along with performance issues in co-op and handheld mode.Those performance issues, sadly, indicate a rather low-effort development cycle here, at least at the porting stage. Nice work has been done on the environments and lighting, as mentioned above, but the actual process of running it on Switch at times seems like a ‘plug-in and hope for the best’ approach. In single player when docked the game is quite smooth and pleasing on the eye,LEGO City Undercover with a few occasional choke-points and visual flaws, but playing in handheld mode or co-op simply isn’t good enough.

That’s a shame as, despite the somewhat faded open-world tropes and pop-culture gags that are now a few years out of date, this is an enjoyable, sizeable and worthwhile LEGO experience. After enduring a bit of co-op and portable play for review purposes, we had a far more jolly time playing this on the TV. It’s a humorous and quirky game that embraces the silliness of LEGO, and while its writing is still a tad messy it made us smile plenty of times


Release Date : 7th Apr 2017
Publisher :  Warner Bros
Developer :  TT Games
Genre: Action, Adventure
Region : USA
File Type :
File Size : 7.5 GB




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