Langrisser Re Incarnation Tensei [ 3DS ROMS ]

Langrisser Re Incarnation Tensei

Langrisser Re Incarnation Tensei

Langrisser Re Incarnation Tensei

After a 15 year absence, the legendary RPG series makes its triumphant return to the gaming fold with Langrisser Re Incarnation Tensei, a strategic simulation RPG experience! Wield the mighty sword Langrisser as you journey through a massive world at war. Define the path before you by lending your talents to one of three factions and secure your place as your faction’s greatest hero by executing strategic supremacy over your enemies. With a string of well-loved strategy RPGs spanning the glory days of the Mega Drive, Super Famicom and Sega Saturn, Masaya’s Langriser is a storied series. Its unique art style, large-scale battles and Germanic-inspired lore earned it a passionate following; now, nearly two decades after 1998’s Langrisser V, Aksys has delivered a new entry in Re:Incarnation Tense. Unfortunately, when fans (including our own Damien McFerran) hoped for a revival, this definitely wasn’t that they had in mind; Langrisser Re Incarnation Tensei drags the Langrisser name through the mud with an achingly mediocre SRPG effort.

Langrisser Re Incarnation Tensei

Fire Emblem fans will also recognise plenty of other familiar features in Langrisser; units can team-up with nearby allies for increased attack and defence, there are powerful, class-based skills that consume MP to heal allies and deal damage, and a weapon triangle between infantry, lancers, and cavalry determines type weaknesses. There’s even an implementation of the dating action seen in Awakening and Fates; between battles you can have conversations with your allies to get closer to them, and eventually see a confession scene and accompanying in-battle boosts. While the conversations are nowhere near as well-written or entertaining as in Fates, we like the fact that they include dialogue choices, which gives them a nicely interactive feel.


Release Date : April 19, 2016
Publisher : Aksys Games
Developer : Extreme Co.,Ltd, Masaya
Region : USA
File Type :
RAR File Size : 733MB


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