Labyrinth No Kanata Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS CIA

Labyrinth No Kanata Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS CIA

Labyrinth No Kanata Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS CIA

Labyrinth No Kanata Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS CIA

Takes place in a 3D world, with the player controlling their “character”—a group of 4 players, with the main character in control—from a first-person perspective. Exploration takes place in several maze-like areas, which are filled with monsters and items. After the introductory segment, the player is joined by a young girl, whom the player accompanies throughout the game. Although unable to use magic in battle at first, the girl is able to perform actions that the player cannot, such as moving lifts and opening special doors. Each player’s character has a health meter; any attack inflicted upon them will affect only one character at a time, rather than all at once. After the introductory segment, an independent health bar will appear for the young girl. If the main player or the girl lose all of their health, the game is over. In certain areas, the player and the female character can restore their health completely at save points. Labyrinth No Kanata Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS CIA

Labyrinth No Kanata Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS CIA

The game’s battle system combines elements from real-time and turn-based games, as well as incorporating rock-paper-scissors, where three categories of magic attacks—fire, ice, and wind—work against each other in a cycle. In the game, ice (paper) beats fire (rock) beats wind (scissors) beats ice. The group encounters monsters that fall into one of the three categories: fire-based (colored red), ice-based (colored blue), and wind-based (colored green). The amount of damage the player can inflict depends on the magic types of both the player characters and the enemies. Attacks that are ineffective against a certain type deal half the desired damage; attacks that match the type deal regular damage; and attacks that are effective against the type both deal extra damage and sends this damage “in the air”. This damage is based on the character it is taken from, and can be used by either friend or foe to both heal themselves and boost their attack power. The player(s) can use any or all of the three magic types, based on the elements their characters are set with. There are 10 levels of attack; the higher the level, the longer it will take the player character to recharge for their next turn. At certain points of progress, the young girl will obtain the ability to wield magic in battle, but only when the player can obtain energy for her through certain conditions Labyrinth No Kanata Beyond the Labyrinth 3DS CIA .


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