Kuroko No Basuke Mirai E No Kizuna 3DS

Kuroko No Basuke Mirai E No Kizuna 3DS

Kuroko No Basuke Mirai E No Kizuna 3DS

Kuroko No Basuke Mirai E No Kizuna 3DS

This year’s 47th issue ofShueisha‘sWeekly Shonen Jump magazine is announcing on Monday thatBandai Namco Games is offeringKuroko no Basket: Mirai e no Kizuna (Kuroko’s Basketball: Ties to the Future), a new “miraculous basketball action game” for theNintendo 3DS system, based onTadatoshi Fujimaki‘sKuroko no Basuke (Kuroko’s Basketball) manga. A release date and price have not been announced yet for the thirdKuroko’s Basketball game on a portable game system. Kuroko No Basuke Mirai E No Kizuna 3DS

Kuroko No Basuke Mirai E No Kizuna 3DS

Unlike the previous 3DS game, the new one lets players move characters freely around the court. Characters are bigger onscreen, and the power of special moves has been increased. The game will also offer a part where characters can go around town to chat and deal with game-original events. The first portableKuroko’s Basketball game,Kuroko no Basket: Kiseki no Game (Kuroko’s Basketball: Miraculous Game), debuted on the PSP in 2012. The second game,Kuroko no Basuke -Shōri e no Kiseki-(Kuroko’s Basketball -The Path to Victory-), shipped this past February. On October 9,Shueisha‘s Jump Next magazine announced that Fujimaki would launch a sequel manga in the magazine’s next issue on December 29. Fujimaki launched the main manga series inWeekly Shonen Jump in 2008, andShueisha will publish the 30th and final compiled volume in December. As of April, the series hadmore than 27 million copies in circulation. The first anime season based on the manga ran from April to September of 2012. The second season premieredlast October and ran through March. The third season is scheduled for next year, although the exact month has not been announced.Crunchyroll streamed the anime outside of Japan as it aired. Kuroko No Basuke Mirai E No Kizuna 3DS


Release Date : Mar 26, 2015
Publisher :
Bandai Namco
Developer :
Bandai Namco
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