Kirby Planet Robobot [ 3DS CIA ]

Kirby Planet Robobot

Kirby Planet Robobot

Kirby Planet Robobot

Step into the Robobot Armor to save Kirby’s world! Harness the power of the mysterious Kirby Planet Robobot Armor to stop ruthless invaders from mechanizing Kirby’s home world. Smash through tough obstacles, lift heavy objects with ease, and scan enemies to shape-shift into new modes with powerful abilities in this supercharged action-platformer! That’s right Kirby’s Robobot Armor can shape-shift into different modes by scanning enemies to copy their moves like the new Jet Mode. Not to mention, Kirby can copy abilities the old fashioned way too by inhaling them! After saving the world, team up with three friends to defeat foes in Team Kirby Clash, an RPG styled 4-player brawl where you choose from varied roles and level them up.

Kirby Planet Robobot

At first glance, Kirby Planet Robobot Nintendo’s favorite platforming pink puffball may seem out of place in the cockpit of a large robot mech, utilizing giant buzzsaws, laser guns, and flamethrowers to demolish foes and roadblocks alike. While that robot-fueled destruction might make things a little easier than I’d like, its clever use of 3D-based puzzles in vibrant worlds, engaging boss fights, and a collection of enjoyable side-modes make up for pushover enemies. Planet Robobot proves that sometimes, giant robots do make things better. Once again, Kirby can use his trademark moves to copy enemy abilities, and most of the 20+ forms come with several moves and combos to keep things fresh and interesting. Among many others, there’s Doctor Kirby’s ability to create and store volatile potions to unleash on groups of enemies, ESP Kirby’s ability to vanish and reappear in a destructive blast, and Jet Kirby’s ability to store power before launching forward and ending with a powerful forward projectile.


Release Date : June 10, 2016
Publisher : Nintendo
Developer : HAL Laboratory
Region : FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 664MB






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