Junior Classic Games 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Junior Classic Games 3D

Junior Classic Games 3D

Junior Classic Games 3D

Brings classic games to life and is designed exclusively for kids! Try your hand at mind-boggling puzzles like Sudoku and Tangram, or dive into addicting board and card games like Backgammon, Mahjongg, and Hearts. These games will seem to come alive in your very own hands with engaging graphics and electrifying 3D effects. Junior Classic Games 3D  Featuring 35 exciting and colorful games, Junior Classic Games 3D will offer hours upon hours of entertainment!

Junior Classic Games 3D

That’s not to say these offerings are perfect, with compromises of the format showing through. In some cases the games are one-trick ponies with no variation, or there can be minor annoyances such as tiles or playing cards that can be rather small and hard to distinguish; not mini-game breaking in these cases. There are then a batch of mediocre mini-games that technically do a job, but are uninspired and uninteresting; Junior Classic Games 3D examples are Queens basically a Professor Layton chess puzzle and a number of options in the Puzzle section that either revolve around sliding tiles, swapping tiles or spotting the difference. These aren’t broken as such, but feel dull and a tad inconsequential. There were some games where we struggled to figure out what the heck we were supposed to be doing, possibly due to occasionally vague instructions while we understood Mancala and Peg Solitaire, we struggled to make any real progress. The only true stinkers, of which every collection like this has some, are Darts and Fisherman. Darts is an abomination, requiring a flick of the stylus to launch a dart and being incredibly inaccurate and irritating in the process. Fisherman is bad for its sheer laziness; the screen shows a d-pad and face buttons, on which you must look for pink fish and quickly press the relevant button or direction it’s utterly redundant.


Release Date : November 20, 2012
Publisher : Maximum Games
Developer : Maximum Games
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 70MB





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