Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 3D [ 3DS CIA ]

Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 3D

Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 3D

Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 3D

Re-create the milennia-old civilization of Egypt in the most exciting addition to the Jewel Master series yet in Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 3D. In these risk-averse times, publishers are increasingly relying on sequels to existing IPs to ensure that they turn over a profit. The problem doesn’t stem so much from a dearth of creativity in the industry, but rather as consumers we have a horrible habit of sticking with what we know. Much like the video game companies, we too don’t want to risk our hard-earned cash on titles that may disappoint.

Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 3D

The goal in Cradle of Egypt 2 is pretty straightforward. The player must match up three corresponding tiles or more to gather resources such as wood, gold and food. Jewel Master Cradle of Egypt 2 3D With these resources, players construct buildings that unlock more tiles, which typically earn more resources. To its credit, this format feels much more rewarding than a standard high score system; the city build aspect provides you with a good visual example of how all your hard work has paid off. It’s just a bit of a shame that this part of the game isn’t more interactive. Each of the game’s 100 stages features a unique board layout that can make swapping adjacent tiles rather difficult at times. To add to the challenge, each stage is timed and the player is tasked with destroying orange marble plaques that also appear on the board before they can progress to the next stage. Only by forming groups over the top of these plaques will the player be able to remove them.


Release Date : October 24, 2013
Publisher : Rising Star Games
Developer : Cerasus.Media
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 88MB


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