JAWS Ultimate Predator [ 3DS CIA ]

JAWS Ultimate Predator

JAWS Ultimate Predator

JAWS Ultimate Predator

Set 35 years after the events of the iconic movie, Jaws: Ultimate Predator is an action-packed and intense game that pays homage to the classic film while putting you in control of one of the most terrifying forces in nature, the unstoppable killing machine that is the great white shark. JAWS Ultimate Predator The game puts you in control of the hulking terror of the seas like never before, letting you experience the action through the eyes of the beast in startling 3D. The Nintendo 3DS version of JAWS: Ultimate Predator lets you defeat an army of shark hunters and rule the ocean by unleashing deadly attack combinations such as Feeding Frenzy and Corkscrew Shred while using the Touch Screen to bite, ram and dodge enemies.

JAWS Ultimate Predator

On paper, it offers Jaws fans exactly what they want: a chance to crush swimmers between powerful teeth and see their dismembered bits float by in glorious 3D. JAWS Ultimate Predator And for the bulk of its 16-level campaign, that’s really all Ultimate Predator offers, as Jaws clumsily targets swimmers and knocks fishermen off boats in enclosed ocean levels bounded by invisible walls. Most of these levels are quota-driven, with success declared after you’ve destroyed a certain number of fish/swimmers/boats/other sharks, although a few levels late in the game are actually driven by exploration and goals other than eating. Those levels – which involve finding your way through a maze of caves, taking down a Coast Guard cutter by releasing aquatic mines and an obligatory escape from captivity – are among the most interesting parts of the game (which is not to say that they’re good), but they’re offset by occasional, excruciating minigame levels that limit Jaws to a narrow area of movement as he tediously dodges mines or machinegun fire lobbed by fleeing/chasing boats. So, that’s a little boring, maybe, but an OK foundation for a Jaws game. Like so many of Jaws’ victims, however, Ultimate Predator falls apart on execution. Your prey, whether human or fish, are all tiny on the 3DS screen, and can therefore be really hard to see, especially when they’re swimming on the near-opaque surface of the water. (Eventually, you’ll learn to spot the surface swimmers by the little ripples they make in the waves, but there’s not much fun in eating those.) Even when you spot and successfully chomp your prey, seeing the game’s stick-figure humans instantly turn into clouds of gibs to the tune of half-hearted screams gets old surprisingly fast.


Release Date : December 1, 2011
Publisher : Majesco
Developer : n-Space
Region : USA | FREE
File Type :
RAR File Size : 182MB


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