JAK 2 [ PSVITA Mai ]




In this darker themed follow-up to Jak and Daxter, hero Jak 2 tries to control the dark eco injected into his system and, with his sidekick Daxter, attempts to thwart the tyrannical powers ruining Haven City. Players earn the chance to wield four heavy-duty weapons, they can jack any vehicle in the massive open city, and they have a chance to use a jetboard to navigate special platform levels.


The gameplay of Jak 2 is significantly different from the previous game. The Eco-based gameplay from the previous game has been changed from timed power ups to combat moves. Other changes include the introduction of weapons such as the Morph Gun, a multipurpose firearm. The player will unlock four different gun mods for the gun as they play through the game; the Scatter Gun, for close range fighting, the Blaster, for long range fighting, the Vulcan Fury, which functions the same as the Blaster but with less damage and a much greater rate of fire, and the Peace Maker, which fires charged blasts of energy, and is extremely powerful. Haven City functions as the game hub-world, with various other environments accessible from it. Here, Jak can access new missions by visiting various allied characters. These missions serve as a replacement for the previous game’s Power Cell collection gameplay. Throughout the game, the player can collect Precursor Orbs dispersed throughout the various worlds, in order to unlock cheats and other content. Jak can traverse the large city using hover vehicles, and a jet-board, which allows him to hover across water and grind on rails. Due to experiments conducted on him for two years, Jak can transform into a darker version of himself, known as Dark Jak, by killing enemies for Dark Eco. In this form, his melee attacks become more powerful, but he loses the ability to use the Morph Gun. By collecting Metal Head skull gems, gained by killing Metal Head creatures, Jak can gain additional abilities for his dark form.


Release Date : June 18, 2013
Publisher : Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer : Naughty Dog
Region : EUR
File Type :
PSVITA [ MaiDumpTool v233.2z10 ]
RAR File Size : 1.20GB


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